My name is Emmy & I am a photographer/creative​​​​​​​ residing in Southern California.
I am passionate about creating photos that are:
- somewhere in between modern + nostalgic
- organic yet artistic
- unique to each individual subject
- story-telling + emotion-evoking
I first decided I wanted to be a photographer when I was in the seventh grade. My work has transformed tremendously since that time, but one thing that has not changed throughout the years is the pure joy I feel when creating. That is why I love photographyit is a creative process. From the styling that goes into a photoshoot beforehand, to the direction given during a photoshoot, to the editing choices made afterwards, photography is so much more than just pressing a button. I have always loved this stylistic process, but it is not only something to be enjoyedit is also something I strive to use to capture my clients in a way that is true to them. If you are interested in working together, I would love to walk with you through the process so we can create photos together that we both love. Head over to my Contact page to get in touch!
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